Why Choose Purchasing.ai if you are a Retailer

Retailers irrespective of their size have multiple tasks to take care of and order management is one of the most crucial ones. Managing vendors, keeping a track of inventory and predicting future orders can often turn into a challenge, leaving retailers pressed for time to focus on their core activities. Manual order management costs valuable time and effort with higher risks of human error. The competitive business environment today needs retailers and brands to incorporate sophisticated solutions to remain ahead.

Purchasing.ai is an AI powered effortless and efficient order management solution that enables retailers to send purchase orders to their vendors with absolute ease.

Purchasing can be a complex process and brands face a number of issues with managing orders from multiple vendors. With purchasing.ai, you can quickly create a new order, consolidate orders and share them with your vendors instantly to easily manage your everyday purchase cycle. Retailers and vendors can resolve the pitfalls of order management with our application and streamline their processes.

Traditional methods of purchase order management involving order slips and other paper records make order management a highly unorganized task. Purchasing.ai, with its highly user- friendly interface, allows for effortless order management. You can carry out all purchasing activities like order creation, vendor management, stock replenishment, etc on a single integrated platform. The application enables you to add, edit, update, delete order lists and share the same with multiple vendors through email/text. You can also view order history to know about past orders enabling you to reorder in an instant. With all records at one place, the task of managing orders is exponentially simplified for retailers.

Traditional order management is subject to inaccuracies and errors due to physical counts and manual data entry. There is also the risk of losing paperwork and necessary data. Eliminating traditional methods like spreadsheets, paperwork and incorporating a dedicated software solution that automates this process, provides real time, accurate information about stock levels will enable you to take quick and efficient procurement decisions. With Purchasing.ai, you can easily add thousands of products by importing excel sheet.

Efficient record keeping is key to purchasing and procurement activities. A manual order management system requires managing large amount of paperwork and regularly updating records which is time consuming and labor intensive.
With Purchasing.ai, all information about vendors, products, available supplies, past orders is available at fingertips. Having such easy access to all relevant records, ensures quick decision making and reduces operational efforts. The need to maintain physical records of the orders is eliminated. You can easily view order history, plan future orders and replenish stocks on time. The inbuilt barcode reader can fetch the product details.

One of the most common problem which retailers face is high costs. Inefficient purchase management leads to retailers often overstocking. With our application, it is possible to track past orders easily, which helps to avoid wrong or duplicate orders and helps in minimizing costs. Automating the order management process can also help you to save on the money you would have spent otherwise on labor hired for carrying out the purchasing activities manually.

More often than not, non- automated purchase processes prove to be inefficient when it comes to predicting accurate forecasts on what to order, how much to order and when to order. Our application can help you draw out actionable insights from the available data and records. The platform provides easy communication through email/texts with the vendors. With accurate information about the products in or out of stock, it is possible for you to plan future order purchases effectively. This helps to avoid the problem of overstocking/understocking. Also, identifying both fast and slow- moving products from the data available on the app, you can allocate the budget appropriately to products that are profitable.

Available on iOS, Android and Web, Purchasing.ai is priced at only $99 for lifetime subscription and includes a 7-day free trial. To learn more about our solution request a free demo here or feel free to contact us.