The traditional methods are largely ineffective in terms of convenience and pricing when it comes to technological advances. 

Retailers manage thousands of tasks every day to successfully run a store. The process of ordering thousands of products from hundreds of vendors is time consuming. A retailer stores variety of products to meet the demands of his consumers and ensures every product in demand is stocked on his store shelves. Traditionally, managing multiple products requires a lot of time talking to vendors and a lot of energy to place orders.   

Now imagine having a tool that efficiently manages multiple supply chains and inventory. is one such application that eases whole process of ordering and purchasing and save bunch of time on retailers’ hands. 

The application lets you manage inventory, products from multiple vendors and orders, all at one place. It simply saves loads of time and energy that you spent on management process and lets you invest it in building customer relationships. In just few clicks get connected to multiple vendors, build individual vendor profiles, share purchase orders and easily manage daily purchase cycle.  

View you past orders from order history and say goodbye to sending duplicate or wrong orders. Using always keep a track on what products you have ordered, which products move faster and take better procurement decisions. app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Download the app today and change the whole game of purchasing orders. Create quick orders, share them with multiple vendors or simply just re-order.  

Also, comes with a 7-day free trial! Get started today.