Vendor Management Made Easy With PURCHASING.AI

One thing exclusive to the retail supply chain is the nature of its products to always be on the move, their volume, and low cycle time. All these factors collectively warrant that there is no snag in the chain. And to ensure it, vendor management is of paramount importance. 

Retailers have always been under tremendous pressure to make sure that they are adequately stocked and there is no hindrance to their supply. So, it necessitates the generation of loads of paperwork mainly multiple order slips and that is very time-consuming not to mention can lead to mistakes. And not to forget the notoriously-missing-when-needed-paper-slip which causes a lot of anguish and headaches to retailers. assists you in overcoming these painstaking and avoidable tasks by providing a customized roadmap based on cloud software capable of effortlessly managing thousands of vendors and suppliers in real-time. You get access to all the information regarding multiple vendors and their products through your smartphone or any other gadget of your preference. It enables you to prioritize and do away with unnecessary paperwork and helps to streamline your vendor management process. 

The most important aspect of is that it provides you with operational flexibility in order creation, sorting, and finally placing orders with the vendor. It helps in ascertaining the latest trends in products and lets you make budgetary decisions accordingly, thus saving costs.  

So, give some rest to your eyes, think about what means to your business, and get started. It is available on both Play Store and App Store and comes with a 7-day free trial. 

Download the app today, get started with your free trial, and reap the benefits is offering.