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Manage Multiple Vendors Adequately

Managing thousands of products from hundreds of vendors and suppliers is crucial if you run a retail business. Also, different vendors deal with a different type of products. And keeping a record of hundreds of vendors with a diverse range of products can be…


Avoid Running Out of Stock!

‘This item is currently out of stock’ sign creates disappointment and frustration among customers and leads to missed opportunities, sales, and customer loss for retailers. Retailers always ensure that any customer who walks in their store doesn’t leave empty-handed and hence try to keep themselves completely stocked.   Gone are the days when retailers…


Easily Generate Orders with

Manage unlimited individual vendor profiles, map products to each vendor, and send daily purchase orders to them using The nifty tool simplifies vendor, product, and order management.   Using the app, you can browse through the product list and add the item to your…

Enhance Order Management Process with

Retailers understand the importance of keeping shelves sufficiently stocked. Though, managing suppliers, tracking inventory, and forecasting future orders often becomes challenging for retailers. Manual order processing consumes valuable time and effort, and at the same time increases the risk of human error. …


Hold the right inventory with

A well-managed inventory is a key to success for almost all businesses. Having the right inventory involves having the right and reasonable stock that helps you meet customer demands. Holding too much inventory can cause you high storage costs whereas holding less inventory can cause your business a customer…


Optimize inventory levels with

Optimizing inventory levels reduces common inventory challenges such as stock-outs, overstocking, and higher storage costs. Effective inventory planning helps businesses obtain a number of benefits. helps retailers automate and streamline the mundane process of order management.   Appropriate order fulfillment  Having accurate knowledge of what is in…


Reduce Dependence on paper-based Purchase Orders makes your daily ordering process easier and convenient. Traditional order management system involves loads of paperwork along with the risk of errors. Retailers create purchase orders from several vendors every day which leads to excessive document creation. automates the everyday ordering process and reduces dependency on paper-based records. The…

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