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Add Multiple Vendors With

Regardless of the size of your organization, dealing with multiple vendors on a daily basis can be difficult. For example, you may need to order different products at different frequencies, from once a month to multiple times a week.  Therefore,…

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Sending Daily Orders is a Breeze

Reduce dependence on manual ordering. We all know the pitfalls of traditional order management process- risk of errors, unnecessary paper-work, waiting around for supplier’s visit to place orders. Huge amount of time and extensive efforts – all that could be…

Zero Stock-Outs

Maintain Optimal Inventory

Ensure zero stock outs with Out of the hundreds of orders a retailer or a business owner places with the vendors and suppliers, many are often repetition of orders already placed in the past. There are products that are…

automate order generation

Save Time & Reduce Errors in Placing Orders

Streamline your daily order management process. Daily ordering is made easier and more efficient with Reduce dependence on traditional order management systems which involves a load of paperwork thereby increasing the risk of errors. automates the process  of…

Save Time In Placing Orders

Easier Order Processing

Quick and convenient order generation and purchasing. enables you to maintain unlimited individual profiles for vendors, map products to each vendor and directly send daily orders to them. This allows for easier and simplified management of  vendors, products and orders.   …

Place Repeat Orders

Easy Vendor Management

Manage multiple vendors, suppliers, distributors conveniently. No matter the size of operations of a business; owners and retailers have to deal with several vendors and suppliers for their diverse product range. Different vendors deal in different products and varying product…

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