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Enhance Order Management 

With over thousands of products and hundreds of vendors involved in purchasing cycle, retailers on average spend an excessive time creating ordering slips for different vendors. However, having a paper-based purchase process for multiple products often results in document overload…

Organize 1000S of SKU with Ease

Organize 1000s of SKU with Ease lets you organize your 1000s of SKUs by providing you with the option to classify products into categories and sub-categories.   With better inventory organization and management, you meet all the demands of your customers without running into the risk of getting out-of-stock or carrying excess supply. provides…

Zero Stock-Outs

Speed up Purchasing: Create Order by Vendor

Why spend loads of time creating order slips from different vendors when brings you an efficient solution to maintain relevant records. Add multiple vendors by their names and order thousands of products from thousands of vendors through automates and simplifies the process. Bring efficiency and…


Order Purchasing Without a Hitch

Simplify your busy schedule by managing your day-to-day orders with Manage everything on one place without compromising your convenience. Ordered products are repeated mostly. Rather than selecting same products again and again you can simply re order them from the order history and save your time. Check the accuracy of ordered products by going through order history. Scan the bar…

Journey of

Journey of

The idea of making retail management woes disappear came from a long-term friendship and trust between Aman Singh, owner and manager of Punjab food at Alhambra, California, and Hashbrown Systems. Aman has been managing a successful medium-sized retail business in…

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