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Purchasing - Generate Purchase Orders Quickly

Generate Purchase Orders Quickly enables retailers to maintain individual vendor profiles, map products to each vendor, and directly send daily orders to them. The tool simplifies vendor, products, and order management.   The app lets you browse through the product list and add…


Avoid Running Out of Stock!

‘This item is currently out of stock’ sign creates disappointment and frustration among customers and leads to missed opportunities, sales, and customer loss for retailers. Retailers always ensure that any customer who walks in their store doesn’t leave empty-handed and hence try to keep themselves completely stocked.   Gone are the days when retailers…


Easily Generate Orders with

Manage unlimited individual vendor profiles, map products to each vendor, and send daily purchase orders to them using The nifty tool simplifies vendor, product, and order management.   Using the app, you can browse through the product list and add the item to your…

Sending Purchase Orders is easier with

For decades, manual order management methods have ruled the retail sector. Retailers deal with several vendors and suppliers on a day-to-day basis and send daily purchase orders. Without any automated purchase management system, retailers manually track purchase orders which are not only time-consuming…

Minimize out-of-stocks with

Running low on inventory means disappointing customers and missing sales. is one such tool that helps retailers know how much stock is necessary to have on hand. The tool provides real-time information on what and when to order, allocates profitable products from…


Reduce Dependence on paper-based Purchase Orders makes your daily ordering process easier and convenient. Traditional order management system involves loads of paperwork along with the risk of errors. Retailers create purchase orders from several vendors every day which leads to excessive document creation. automates the everyday ordering process and reduces dependency on paper-based records. The…

Efficiently Deal with Multiple Vendors

How do you manage multiple vendors and track your purchase orders?  A retail store has different moving parts including vendor management. Without proper vendor management, any retail store can easily lose track of inventory, purchase orders, and many other things.   Retailers always stay on the…

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