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Use To Consolidate Purchase Orders
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Use To Consolidate Purchase Orders

Better manage your orders to all your suppliers  A convenience store generally carries about 5,000 SKUs. The manager of a convenience store creates multiples orders that are linked to various vendors, suppliers, and distributors. The SKUs are structured and mapped and once the orders are complete and ready to be…

Journey of

Journey of

The idea of making retail management woes disappear came from a long-term friendship and trust between Aman Singh, owner and manager of Punjab food at Alhambra, California, and Hashbrown Systems. Aman has been managing a successful medium-sized retail business in…


Repeat orders with

Retailers understand the importance of keeping the shelves always stocked. It has a domino effect on all key business parameters like sales, walk-ins and customer loyalty. A customer who is walking empty-handed out of the store is not just a…

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