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Optimize inventory levels with

Optimizing inventory levels reduces common inventory challenges such as stock-outs, overstocking, and higher storage costs. Effective inventory planning helps businesses obtain a number of benefits. helps retailers automate and streamline the mundane process of order management.   Appropriate order fulfillment  Having accurate knowledge of what is in…

Case Studies A Smart tool for your Daily Purchasing

Retailers always try to ensure and carry neither too much nor too little stock on their hands. Placing daily purchase orders and being sufficiently stocked is one of the main worries a retailer has. However, checking stock levels manually takes a lot of retailer’s time. automates retailers’ day to day ordering process and helps them…


Share Direct Orders with Vendors

Communicate conveniently with multiple vendors and share direct orders Retailers deal with multiple vendors day after day as vendors play a key role in running a successful store. Managing multiple vendors and organizing multiple orders daily can be overwhelming. Furthermore, tracking thousands of products manually adds loads to already existing process. offers…

Case Studies

Repeat Orders Quickly with

Ascertaining appropriate stock levels is an important key that retailers are well aware of. Out of hundreds of orders, many are repetitions of previously purchased orders. Products always in demand run out of stock in no time and always need to be restocked. Having an access to information such fast moving products is key. provides…

Case Studies Speed-up your Purchase Order Process

On average, a retailer requires multiple vendors to stock 1000s of products which complicates the whole purchasing process. Various vendors sell the same products with different price availability. But tracking multiple vendors manually is a huge task. lets you browse product lists of multiple vendors.   This tool enables…

Guides How to Manage Multiple Vendors?

Keeping track of multiple vendors and products can be a massive task. Different vendors deal with different products. enables you to keep track of multiple vendors and place multiple orders and multiple products. Purchase products of your choice from multiple vendors and keep track of your orders.  …

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