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Efficiently Deal with Multiple Vendors

How do you manage multiple vendors and track your purchase orders?  A retail store has different moving parts including vendor management. Without proper vendor management, any retail store can easily lose track of inventory, purchase orders, and many other things.   Retailers always stay on the…


Do away with Order Slip Miscounts:

Traditional methods always have high risk of errors. One of those risks is the chance of miscounts with paper-based ordering slips. With the right inventory management tool retailers’ risk of errors can be reduced. is one such tool that helps you better organize 1000s of…

Case Studies A tool to save your time and effort

With increasing pressure to run the business efficiently, manual processes are holding them back. Tracking down a vendor and contacting him can take days which increases the risk of stockouts. Traditional procurement process slows down the entire process and affects productivity. A load of paperwork makes it difficult to keep…

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