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Manage Multiple Vendors Adequately

Managing thousands of products from hundreds of vendors and suppliers is crucial if you run a retail business. Also, different vendors deal with a different type of products. And keeping a record of hundreds of vendors with a diverse range of products can be…


Automate your Order Fulfillment Process automates your order fulfillment process. The tool simplifies order management and allows businesses to organize the entire fulfillment process. Order management helps retailers to streamline the process of order receiving, tracking and fulfillment.   Here are some of the reasons why automating order management is necessary:   Overstocking and understocking are real…

Easy Management of Your Daily Orders

Easy Management of Your Daily Orders

Use the app for your everyday ordering needs  Ensure that you are sufficiently stocked and do away with manual sifting through shelves and personal communication with vendors, which is time consuming. Use the app which automates this part of your job and…

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