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Streamline Order Generation & Purchasing

Do away with paper based records. Conventionally, retailers maintain paper-based records for their several orders to vendors and suppliers. This leads to the creation of excessive documents. Further with 1000s of products and 100s of vendors involved in a daily ordering process, adds more complexity. helps retailers…

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Manage Multiple Products Easily

Thousands of SKUs at one place. helps in better managing 1000s of products by automating the process, thus saving you time, effort and greatly reducing any chances of errors in measuring your stock levels.  It saves the day when there’s only limited shelf space for several products and…

Place Repeat Order

Sending Daily Orders is a Breeze

Reduce dependence on manual ordering. We all know the pitfalls of traditional order management process- risk of errors, unnecessary paper-work, waiting around for supplier’s visit to place orders. Huge amount of time and extensive efforts – all that could be…

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Save Time & Reduce Errors in Placing Orders

Streamline your daily order management process. Daily ordering is made easier and more efficient with Reduce dependence on traditional order management systems which involves a load of paperwork thereby increasing the risk of errors. automates the process  of…

Save Time In Placing Orders

Easier Order Processing

Quick and convenient order generation and purchasing. enables you to maintain unlimited individual profiles for vendors, map products to each vendor and directly send daily orders to them. This allows for easier and simplified management of  vendors, products and orders.   …

Save Time In Placing Orders

A Tool to Manage Vendors keeps a record of all your vendors, suppliers and distributors  Keeping track of 100s of vendors for their diverse product range, 1000s of products, and the orders placed, is no longer a daunting task thanks to  How, you ask? Here’s how.  Get one-point control keeps a record of all your vendors and…


Quick Repeat Orders with

Send re-orders to your suppliers quickly and easily Running out of stocks is never an option for any retailer. Ascertaining appropriate stock levels and ensuring that shelves are always stocked, is another daunting task but one which cannot be ignored….

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Order Generation Made Easy   How can I praise thee?  Let me count the ways   It is cross platform – you can use it on your smartphone be it android or apple; or employ a browser to do daily purchasing.   It is convenient for the buyer – you…

Why Choose if you are a Retailer

Why Choose if you are a Retailer

Retailers irrespective of their size have multiple tasks to take care of and order management is one of the most crucial ones. Managing vendors, keeping a track of inventory and predicting future orders can often turn into a challenge, leaving retailers pressed for time to focus on their core activities. Manual…

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