Communicate conveniently with multiple vendors and share direct orders

Retailers deal with multiple vendors day after day as vendors play a key role in running a successful store. Managing multiple vendors and organizing multiple orders daily can be overwhelming. Furthermore, tracking thousands of products manually adds loads to already existing process. offers an easy and smart solution to track hundreds of vendors and thousands of SKUs. The app creates purchase orders, tracks order history and send direct orders to multiple vendors of your choice. enables retailers to add vendors by their names and contact details. Retailers can set up their accounts in few clicks and check for the vendors they want to place an order with. provides users with all the information about vendors, products and past orders.  

Keep a record of all your vendors on one platform. With organize your vendors, import their products through an excel sheet, and custom daily purchase orders to your vendor’s inbox. tracks order history, repeats orders and reduces risks of human error involved in manual order management. makes vendor management and communication easy. Start using the application today as it comes with a 7-day free trial. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.