Manual order management always involves the risk of human errors. simplifies and automates the process of sending daily purchase orders. Using, you can create an order list using an in-built barcode scanner. Thus, chances of errors are greatly reduced.  

The tool enables you to create orders, manage vendors, replenish stock, add or edit order lists, and share it with vendors all on a single platform. lets you easily access all relevant records and ensures quick and efficient decision-making. The tool eliminates the need to maintain physical records. lets you better organize thousands of SKUs. The process:  

  1. Choose the category you wish to place the order for  
  1. Select category/s  
  1. Choose sub category/s   
  1. Tap products you want to purchase   
  1. Tap ‘Purchase Cart’ icon at top  
  1. Adjust the case/unit value, if required   
  1. Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list.  

The tool saves your time and organizes the everyday purchase cycle. Hence, you can manage thousands of products, hundreds of vendors, and track inventory in no time!    

Use to add thousands of products to each of the vendors by importing from an excel sheet in a few minutes.  

Check what you’ve ordered, what’s more in demand, and take better procurement decisions. app is available on both android and iOS devices and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and eliminate unnecessary paperwork and operational efforts.