Before you even start to mumble an apology for the unavailability of a particular product the customer has asked for, he is already on his way to the next shop. As a result, your brand ends up with a slight beating. This is a story most businesses, especially retailers plagued with stock-out problems have heard. Stock-out goes against the most sacred tenet of the retail market: once a customer enters then he must not go out empty-handed.   

In addition to apparent damage to the retailer’s brand, the loss of sales and revenue is also felt. It is estimated that the retail industry loses approximately $1 trillion every year due to stockouts. That’s a shockingly huge amount to lose especially when it can be remedied easily by managing your inventory. And here, comes to your rescue by ensuring optimum inventory.   


The common reason for stockouts is the imbalance between the quantity of an item in possession and the data in records. No doubt, it is very difficult to quantify and that’s why most of the mistakes in managing it rest with humans. Firstly, with you give your mind a breather from manually tracking your inventory by having sophisticated software track your inventory hassle-free. Secondly, it ensures that your order creation remains in tandem with your requirements daily by automating the process 

Most importantly, you have access to data and records of previous orders to ascertain what to order, when to order, and how much. enables you to place multiple orders, that can be re-ordered to multiple distributors.  

Above all, is an automated stock management app that simplifies sending orders, saves time, cost, effort, and more importantly, removes human error from the equation. It lets you add, edit, update and even delete your lists and share with vendors through mail or text.   

So, don’t wait any longer and get started. Replenish your stocks in time and meet all your customer demands. 

The app is available on both major devices Android and iOS. It comes with a 7-day free trial.  

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