Retailers understand the importance of keeping the shelves always stocked. It has a domino effect on all key business parameters like sales, walk-ins and customer loyalty. A customer who is walking empty-handed out of the store is not just a lost sale but could be lost customer for life. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that retailers are always looking to solve this problem in the quickest and the most efficient way.

While there are scores of orders or perhaps, hundreds of orders placed from a retail store every month, most of them are repeat orders. Some SKUs sell faster than others and need to be restocked more often. Given this, the easiest way to do this is automate ordering for the fast-moving SKUs so that retailers can focus on other parts of their job. But traditional methods of ordering based on relationship between the vendor and the retailer, phone calls and handwritten order forms still rule the roost when it comes to placing these orders. This is because of lack of proper technology solutions which let the retailers in automating orders.

There are enterprise class procurement software solutions, which are used to automate purchase order generation. But as evident from the name they are for large enterprises and have complex setups, information flows and UI which are not ideal for retailers. Moreover, retailers never make these solutions a part of their consideration set because of their high cost. is an order generation and purchase management tool which has been designed keeping in view the exclusive needs of retailers and food and beverage managers. offers an intuitive and affordable solution to retailers to automates orders. lets retailers create multiple vendors just by entering their contact details. Retailers can then import thousands of products by simply uploading an excel sheet. generates purchase orders and sends it directly to the vendor in the form of a PDF document. This removes any human intervention and hence reduces scope of errors and delays.

After the initial setup and orders, helps the retailers in placing them quick orders easily. By just clicking on order history, the retailers can easily place orders. It allows editing and adding special instructions also. If you are looking for an intuitive and affordable tool which lets you place orders with your vendors, download from the Play Store/App Store.