Ascertaining appropriate stock levels is an important key that retailers are well aware of. Out of hundreds of orders, many are repetitions of previously purchased orders. Products always in demand run out of stock in no time and always need to be restocked. Having an access to information such fast moving products is key. provides you easy access to all the relevant information and records on both slow and fast-moving products. The tool ensures quick and efficient decision-making with all the records available. eliminates the need to maintain physical records. Do away with loads of paperwork and reduce operational costs.  

The app assures what to order, how much to order and when to order from available data and records. Simply view order history and repeat order to place the same order again and replenish stocks on time. 

With, create custom orders, add products to the cart and send orders to the vendor’s inbox. The tool automates the process of sending daily purchase orders. is available on both android and iOS. Say good-bye to manual purchasing.  

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