Purchasing.ai makes your daily ordering process easier and convenient. Traditional order management system involves loads of paperwork along with the risk of errors. Retailers create purchase orders from several vendors every day which leads to excessive document creation.  

Purchasing.ai automates the everyday ordering process and reduces dependency on paper-based records. The app saves retailers’ time in manual sifting and manages thousands of products from hundreds of vendors. With purchasing.ai maintain unlimited vendor profiles, map products to multiple vendors, and send daily orders to them. 

How purchasing.ai helps a retailer streamline the order generation process: 

From vendors to products, all in one place 

Better organize thousands of SKUs by classifying them into categories and subcategories using Purchasing.ai. Maintain individual vendor profiles, easily add and edit their contact details.  

Create quick orders 

Purchasing.ai eliminates your dependence on paper-based purchase orders and enables you to directly send orders to your vendors.  

Avoid stockouts 

The app lets you track your inventory levels and within seconds you will know what is in stock and out of stock.  

Repeat orders 

All information on past orders is easily available on purchasing.ai. You can easily reorder from your order history using the app.  

Reduce operational efforts, reduce error, save time and streamline your purchase order process with Purchasing.ai. The app is available on both major platforms; iOS and android and comes with a 7-day free trial.  

Download the app today and start with your free trial.