Re-order With Ease

Repeat past orders to your suppliers with convenience and accuracy

When you deal with dozens of vendors and distributors supplying you with various products in different quantities, managing multiple vendors, their products, keeping track of orders and finally, sending orders becomes overwhelming. With, you can not only place orders with the right vendor with the right frequency but also place re-orders based on previous order history. Hence, it simplifies the process of placing orders for the users – restaurant owners and F&B managers.   

Here’s what the process entails: 

Add vendor – Add vendors/suppliers by logging on to and adding the vendor name, address, and contact details. 

Import products of a vendor – Import thousands of products by uploading an excel sheet in the prescribed format. 

Send order – Select the items that you need to order and click on ‘Send Order’ for directly sending orders. 

Place re-orders – You can visit the ‘Order History’ on the web or mobile app and click on ‘Re-order’ to place the order. 

In this way, re-ordering takes only a few seconds through Moreover, it removes the inefficiencies within the ordering process and makes ordering convenient. Through the app, restaurant owners and F&B managers can place orders quickly and efficiently to ensure that their kitchens are always fully-stocked. The app is available on App Store and Google Play. Start using today!