Quick and Efficient Ordering

Ensure that you are sufficiently stocked and do away with manual sifting through shelves and personal communication with vendors, which is time consuming. Use the purchasing.ai app which automates this part of your job and makes your life easy.

Individual profiles for vendors

Maintain individual profiles for vendors and add the vendor details and products. Create unlimited number of vendors by adding their contact details. In this way, manage vendors and products and send orders easily.

Efficient record keeping

Through the app, you can add 1000s of products to each of the vendors by importing from an excel sheet in a matter of minutes.

Easy ordering and reviewing

Categorize products in a customized manner for easier ordering and reviewing.

Sending orders quickly

Browse through the product list and add the products to the order list by clicking or tapping on them via web or mobile. Then, send the order through email/text by simply clicking on the send order button against the vendor’s name.

Convenient repeat ordering

You can also view order history to know about past orders, enabling you to send repeat orders in an instant.

Wait. There’s more…

Accurate information made available

With accurate information about the products in or out of stock, it is possible for you to plan future order purchases effectively. This helps to avoid the problem of overstocking/understocking.

Helps in budget allocation

By helping you identify both fast and slow-moving products from the data available on the app, the app enables you in allocating the budget appropriately to products that are profitable.

Purchasing.ai makes ordering and managing vendors extremely convenient for you. Thereby, this solution helps you save and devote more time in taking other important business decisions!

Download purchasing.ai on iOS and Android or sign up here.