Send purchase orders

Retailers deal with multiple vendors, distributors, and suppliers in their day-to-day business. The hyper-competitive nature of the business means, the retailers have multiple worries on a day-to-day basis to ensure their store has enough walk-ins and good customer retention.

Being sufficiently stocked is one of the main worries that many retailers have. Only a retailer knows what product needs to be stocked in what quantities. However, manual sifting through shelves takes a lot of retailers’ time. Moreover, the retailer and vendor relationship being a personal one, retailers as well as the vendors prefer personal communication while sending an order. This, while being very important, is also time-consuming. Dealing with multiple vendors exponentially increases the time that goes into this activity.

Hence, it is important that retailers use technology to automate part of their job so that they can focus on managing their stores better. is one such solution that makes the lives of retailers and vendors easy. – A Purchasing Application for Retailers is a purchasing and ordering application that can be used by retailers to place orders with their vendors. performs the following functions for the retailers –

  1. Creates an unlimited number of vendors by adding their contact details.
  2. Adds thousands of products to each of the vendors by importing from an excel sheet.
  3. Categorizes products into categorized and uncategorized for easier ordering and reviewing.
  4. Sends orders to vendors and suppliers by a few taps on your mobile or browser., which is available on androidiOS, and web, provides convenience to retailers for placing orders with their vendors instantaneously. comes with a free trial of 14 days. Sign up today and start using