Retailers always try to ensure and carry neither too much nor too little stock on their hands. Placing daily purchase orders and being sufficiently stocked is one of the main worries a retailer has. However, checking stock levels manually takes a lot of retailer’s time. automates retailers’ day to day ordering process and helps them managing their stores better. The app is a convenient alternative to eliminate traditional order management, involving a lot of paperwork and risk of errors. Create order list using its inbuilt bar code scanner and avoid errors.  

With send direct orders to your vendors instead of paper-based methods. The app enables users to quickly create purchase orders in the palm of their hands and share them with multiple vendors through online messenger etc.  

Using retailer’s no longer have to wait for vendors to show up physically on their stores and collect orders. brings vendors and orders, everything on one platform. The app reduces operational efforts, errors and brings efficiency to retailers’ purchase cycle.  

It is available as an app on both iOS and Android devices. Download the app today and streamline your daily order purchasing process. Start with your 7-day free trial today.