In the last decade, technology has become influential for every stakeholder in the retail industry be it brand, supplier, or retailer along the supply chain. Businesses are striving to create a unique and personalized experience as per customer preference and needs.  

Purchasing.ai is one such intelligent software that brings efficiency, agility, and speed to retailers’ everyday ordering processes. The tool not only improves your planning but also provides businesses a competitive edge to thrive in the market. 

Here Purchasing.ai helps you bring efficiency to your business: 

Demand Estimation: 

In the retail business, most companies still lack the proper implementation of demand estimation. Without demand estimation, there is no way to know how to purchase material to meet customer demand.  

Purchasing.ai enables retailers and suppliers to improve production lead times and take efficient business decisions using data analysis and machine learning.  

Overstocking and stock-outs: 

Holding too much inventory means holding too much space on warehouse shelves and higher storage costs. Though overstocking inventory is never a good idea but stockouts are even worse. Running out of stock affects your sales as well as decreases customer loyalty.  

Purchasing.ai enables you effectively plan inventory. Using the tool, you’ll know within seconds what and how much needs to be ordered. By ordering on time and less in quantity avoid overstocking and stockouts.  

Customer satisfaction:  

Inability to meet customers’ demand and not stocking the right products results in loss of sales and a fall in customer loyalty. Customers don’t want to wait and turning them empty-handed can impact your business. Purchasing.ai lets retailers add multiple products; classify them by categories, subcategories, and vendors. Besides the tool keeps track of your moving inventory.  

Purchasing.ai is a leveraging tool that improves your retail business and brings efficiency. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.  

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