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Efficiently Deal with Multiple Vendors

How do you manage multiple vendors and track your purchase orders?  A retail store has different moving parts including vendor management. Without proper vendor management, any retail store can easily lose track of inventory, purchase orders, and many other things.   Retailers always stay on the…


Do away with Order Slip Miscounts:

Traditional methods always have high risk of errors. One of those risks is the chance of miscounts with paper-based ordering slips. With the right inventory management tool retailers’ risk of errors can be reduced. is one such tool that helps you better organize 1000s of…

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Consolidate your POs:

Order consolidation not only brings efficiency to retailer’s business but also reduces monthly expenses on regular orders. Retailers generally carry thousands of SKUs in their convenience stores and create multiple orders linked to multiple vendors, suppliers, and distributors. The SKUs are structured and mapped and once the orders are complete and ready…

Case Studies A Smart tool for your Daily Purchasing

Retailers always try to ensure and carry neither too much nor too little stock on their hands. Placing daily purchase orders and being sufficiently stocked is one of the main worries a retailer has. However, checking stock levels manually takes a lot of retailer’s time. automates retailers’ day to day ordering process and helps them…

Zero Stock-Outs

Speed up Purchasing: Create Order by Vendor

Why spend loads of time creating order slips from different vendors when brings you an efficient solution to maintain relevant records. Add multiple vendors by their names and order thousands of products from thousands of vendors through automates and simplifies the process. Bring efficiency and…

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