Organize 1000S of SKU with Ease lets you organize your 1000s of SKUs by providing you with the option to classify products into categories and sub-categories.  

With better inventory organization and management, you meet all the demands of your customers without running into the risk of getting out-of-stock or carrying excess supply. provides you with tools and methods that give you the necessary information to run your business efficiently. You get to know: 

  • Product location 
  • Quantity of different types of products 
  • Which stock sells well and which not 
  • The ideal number of stocks need to be in the back storage 
  • Product to be discontinued 

With this information, you not only have a better handle of things but get to increase your profit and lower your input cost as well. helps you efficiently oversee thousands of products by automating the process and thus reducing the chances of error in measuring the stock.  


  • Lower Inventory cost 

When you know exactly how much stock you have and how much you need, you can optimize the stock levels, thereby significantly cutting the storage and carrying expenses for excess merchandise.   

  • Avoid out-of-stocks 

Getting out-of-stocks is an annoying and disappointing experience for both retailers as well as the customer. With, you get real-time information on sales and stocks and can repeat your order instantly. 

  • Increase profit margins 

With lower inventory costs and enough supply to fulfill your order, you increase your profits. 

  • Prevent spoilage also helps retailers address a very common but often neglected problem that happens when a product expires or became obsolete.  

  • Save time 

You can easily export an excel with all the product details- brand, size units, quantity, price, etc. The tool enables you to better organize thousands of products within a short time and saves a lot of time and effort. is available on both platforms i.e., iOS and Android, and comes with a 7-day Free Trial. 

Download the app today and reap the benefits.