Order Consolidation in Purchasing.ai

Your neighbourhood convenience store carries about 5,000 SKUs and that is the lower end of the use case scenario, and for the sake of reference, we will employ that information to explain the various features and benefits of Purchasing.ai.

The manager of a convenience store creates multiples orders that are linked to various vendors, suppliers and distributors. This image encapsulates it,

The SKUs are structured and mapped and once the order is complete and ready to be processed, it will be consolidated thus:  

Depending on the demand and available packaging, the orders would be broken down and mapped to specific suppliers.

This is how consolidation works in Purchasing.ai – the best part about this – everything happens behind the scene and all you have to do is add products and send orders.

It also makes your supplier’s job easier as he is able to process your orders sooner and more efficiently than his other retailers.

It also ensures timely processing and higher fulfilment of your regular orders to suppliers.