purchase process

Grocery retail industry tends to be a “data-rich, insights poor” industry. Out-of-stock continues to be a huge problem for retailers and vendors alike.

According to a survey, on average, every time a shopper enters a grocery store, one in 12 items on their list is out of stock, and one in 10 items on promotion is not on the shelf. The obvious consequence is lost revenue for both a retail store and the vendor.

There is nothing more frustrating for retailers than letting any consumer leave their store empty-handed. It is because just one instance of an out-of-stock item can have lasting consequences in terms of customer loyalty and lifetime value.

So, why does such a situation occur?

Stock management requires an insight into what you’ve in your store. On an average, a retailer has over thousands of products of hundreds of brands, delivered by different vendors.

The retailer creates multiple ordering slips to place orders with vendors. Since there are thousands of products to manage, it is possible that the retailer misses out on any purchase order. An unorganized order cycle and purchase process adds more complexity to the problem.

Purchasing.ai to the Rescue

Purchasing.ai is incredibly flexible and simple. Here is how you can simplify your purchasing using Order by Category feature-

  1. Tap Order by Category option at home screen
  2. Choose the category you wish to place order for
  3. Select category/s
  4. Choose subcategory/s
  5. Tap products you want to purchase
  6. Tap ‘Purchase Cart’ icon at top
  7. Adjust the case/unit value if required
  8. Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list

The Order by Category feature of Purchasing.ai saves your time, streamlines your purchase orders, and organizes your everyday purchase cycle.