Running low on inventory means disappointing customers and missing sales. Purchasing.ai is one such tool that helps retailers know how much stock is necessary to have on hand. The tool provides real-time information on what and when to order, allocates profitable products from available data and records.  

With purchasing.ai send multiple orders to multiple suppliers or re-order conveniently. The tool helps you keep track of your moving inventory and ensures your order reaches on time to your vendor. Purchasing.ai lets you add multiple vendors and manage individual vendor profiles. Add thousands of products to each of your vendor’s lists in few minutes by importing an excel sheet.  

View order history to track your past orders and avoid sending duplicate orders. Purchasing.ai gives you easy access to all relevant records and helps you save your time, ensures quick decision making, and minimizes operational efforts. The tool simply eases the process of vendor management order purchasing.  

Create new orders quickly, share them with your vendors and manage your everyday purchase cycle with ease. Purchasing.ai conveniently controls the flow of your good and brings agility in handling multiple suppliers and vendors.  

The app is easily available on both android and iOS devices and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and get started with your free trial!