Managing Multiple Products With enables you to track thousands of products from multiple vendors. It saves you time as well as reduces your chances of errors in measuring stocks. 

 The app saves the day when there’s only limited shelf space for several products and consumer choices only keep growing. Also, customers only want fresh goods, and all products have a shelf life. helps you increase the shelf space, order a variety of goods, and ensures that they are sold before passing their expiry date.  

All products at a single place   

You get to manage multiple products by simply uploading an Excel with all product details- brand, size, unit, price, etc. It enables you to have better handle of things. 

Classify Products enables you to create categories and subcategories for better product differentiation and classification. Use the filters of category, vendor, and brand as classifiers. The app allows you to map products to different vendors and brands. 

Manage inventory   

When you know exactly how much stock you have and how much you need, you can optimize the stock levels, thereby significantly cutting the storage and carrying expenses for excess merchandise. saves all the data on products that are in/out of stock and allows you to plan future orders more efficiently. The app allows you to easily add, edit, activate, or deactivate all products in the inventory list. 

Save time  

The tool enables you to better organize thousands of products within a short time and saves enough time on your hands. is available on both major platforms i.e., android and iOS, and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and handle critical functions regarding your store in a few taps.