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Create new orders, consolidate orders and share the same with your vendors from anywhere and at any time. With easily manage the everyday purchase order cycle.  


Share orders quickly 

With, sending daily orders or repeating orders is an easy task. The app ensures that your orders reach before time to your vendors. Create purchase orders, track order history, and share orders with multiple vendors using your smartphone with a few taps. enables retailers to manage thousands of SKUs, hundreds of vendors, and track inventory.  

No more stock-outs  

Out-of-stock items can have a lasting impact on retailers as well as vendors in terms of sales and customer loyalty. A customer leaving the store empty-handed is not a favorable scenario. enables you to have an insight into what you have in your store and eases the process of managing thousands of products. The tool uses predictive analysis to forecast, plan and order SKUs in a business and organizes the order cycle.  

Using, automate your order process, make your purchase cycle efficient and reduce errors. Hence, the tool simplifies retailers’ everyday purchase cycle, reduces lead time, and lowers wastage. brings agility in managing multiple vendors, allows you to oversee and control the flow of your goods, and lets you conveniently handle all your purchasing and ordering. The app is available on both the App Store and Play Store and comes with a 7-day free trial.  

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