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Retailers stock 1000s of products in their stores to make sure that the customers are never turned away empty handed. Not stocking the required products will result in loss of sales, decreased customer loyalty and lower walk-ins which could seriously impact the health of your business.

Managing 1000s of products is not an easy thing to do. Retailers need to be always on the edge of their seats to ensure that all products from all vendors that are in demand are stocked to the right amount. It is not always possible to stay on top of this. given other exigences of running a retail store like managing instore operations, multiple vendors, staff and placing orders. A small slip-up could cost the retailer dearly. Hence. it is imperative that the retailer uses tools which will make sure that no activity is taking up a huge amount of his time.

Using Technology to Manage Products –  

Most retailers still use notebooks, pen and paper to keep track of products and vendors. Owing to technological advances and cheaper availability of smart phone and computers, retailers can now save time and energy by using technology to help them in operations. is one such tool which helps the retailers manage vendors, products and send orders easily. It lets retailers maintain individual profiles for vendors where they can add the vendor details and products. lets retailers manage 1000s of products, filtering them by categories, sub-categories and vendors.

While adding products individually, which may run into 1000s is cumbersome, lets retailers add products simply by importing an excel sheet. Thus, with the help of, retailers can upload thousands of products, vendors, categories and sub-categories in a matter of minutes.

Once is set up with products and vendors on, sending orders to vendors is relatively easy. Click and browse through the product list and add the products to the order list by clicking or tapping on them via web, mobile respectively. Retailers can then send the order by simply clicking on the send order button against the vendor’s name. immensely simplifies retailers’ lives by easier product, vendor management and convenient ordering. is available on web and mobile – android and iOS. It comes with a free trial of 7 days and a one-time subscription fee of $99. Sign up for today.