Retailers have to deal with multiple vendors day-in and day-out, irrespective of their business size. By nature of the retail business different vendors supply different products that need to be ordered in a varying frequency ranging from once a month to multiple times a week. Many retailer-vendor relationships are personal and are dealt with in the traditional way of personal meetings, phone calls, and pen and paper. As the number of vendors increases, the retailers are always on the edge of their seats to ensure that all products are in-stock. It could get overwhelming quickly if retailers don’t organize ordering and vendor management with the right tools. offers a smart solution to retailers to manage all their vendors in one place. Retailers need to download the app on mobile or sign up on the web to start using the application which comes with a free trial. lets the retailers add vendors by entering their name and contact details. Then, the users can upload an excel file of the vendor’s products list and import all his products. Thus, in a few clicks, the retailers can set up their accounts and add hundreds of vendors and thousands of products.

Once the account is set-up, the users can open the application, check for the vendor they want to place the order with, tap on the products they want to order, and send the order to the inbox of the vendor. makes vendor management and placing orders incredibly easy. Download on iOS and Androidor sign up at