Manage Multiple Suppliers

Keep track of your constantly moving inventory, ensure the purchasing orders go on time, the demand is fulfilled and no customer leaves because of stock out. is a convenient smartphone application that lets you send orders instantly to your supplier.

Send multiple order to multiple distributors, repeat orders, and ensure maximum fulfilment.

One-point access of all your distributors, suppliers and vendors

With, you can quickly create new orders, and even send repeat orders to a number of vendors instantly to easily manage your everyday purchase cycle.

Send orders while saving time

This application enables you to view order history to know about past orders, enabling you to reorder in an instant. With, all information about vendors, products, available supplies, past orders, is available at fingertips. Having such easy access to all relevant records saves time, ensures quick decision-making and reduces operational efforts. makes vendor management and placing orders incredibly easy. Download on iOS and Android or sign up here.