Meeting customer demand enables brands to maintain profitability in long term. All products have a shelf life and customers only want fresh products. Purchasing.ai thus saves your day when you have limited shelf space available and helps you sell all products before they meet their expiry date. 

Retailers always ensure to balance inventory levels by placing orders on time and keep their customers satisfied. Though manually checking thousands of products is not an easy task and eats a lot of time from the retailer’s hands. Manual checks require tremendous efforts and involve a lot of human intervention which ultimately leads to the risk of errors.  

With Purchasing.ai you no longer have to worry about manually checking on every single product and stock level. It offers you an automated process, saves you from putting all that effort in, and reduces the risk of errors.  

Using the app you can view all products in one single place, anywhere, and anytime. Upload an excel sheet with all products and details such as brand, size, price, etc., and have better control over all your products. Purchasing.ai lets you share multiple orders with multiple vendors simply through an excel sheet. The app stores all data on past orders and keeps track of your inventory. 

Plan your future orders more efficiently with purchasing.ai. The app is available on both android and iOS devices and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and manage multiple SKUs efficiently.