A customer walks into your store, looking for a product from a specific brand, and finds out it is out of stock. Now the options customer will consider: buy a similar product from another brand, buy it from another store or simply choose not to buy it at all. 

Stockouts are one of the most frustrating reasons for both customers and retailers. Losing a customer comes with the highest cost for a business or the brand. There are several reasons that cause “stock-outs” in the first place.  

Purchasing.ai is one such tool that helps retailers avoid any “out of stock” scenarios. The tool keeps track of moving inventory and ensures purchase orders go on time. The app lets you conveniently send orders to your suppliers.  

Create new order by clicking on “Create Order” and share your purchase order with multiple distributors. Or simply reorder from past orders and replenish stocks on time. Through Purchasing.ai all data about vendors, products, and past supplies is available in few clicks.  

Optimize your supply chain with Purchasing.ai and supply your customers with what they want and when they want.  

The Purchasing.ai app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Download the app today and get started with your 7-day free trial.