Retailers deal with dozens of vendors and suppliers, each supplying various products in different quantities. Along with that, keeping track of orders and sending orders manually tend to become cumbersome. automates this part of a retailer’s job and eases the process.  

Individual vendor profiles 

With maintain individual profiles for vendors, add vendor details and products. Create an unlimited number of vendors by adding their contact details. Easily manage vendors, multiple products and send orders quickly and efficiently.  

Efficient record-keeping 

 All information on vendors, products, and orders is easily available. With available data and records on hand, retailers can ascertain within minutes what to order and what to not.  

Send quick orders 

The app lets retailers import thousands of products by simply uploading an excel sheet. generates purchase orders and sends them directly to the vendor in the form of a PDF document. 

Repeat orders conveniently enables retailers to view order history and track past orders and help them avoid sending any duplicate or wrong order.  

Budget allocation 

Using the app, retailers can identify slow and fast-moving products within minutes from available data. enables retailers to allocate budget appropriately to products that are profitable. helps retailers plan better and streamline the order management processes. The app is available on both android and iOS devices and comes with a 7-day free trial.  

Download the app today and conveniently manage all your vendors and orders.