Retailers understand the importance of keeping shelves sufficiently stocked. Though, managing suppliers, tracking inventory, and forecasting future orders often becomes challenging for retailers. Manual order processing consumes valuable time and effort, and at the same time increases the risk of human error. 

Purchasing.ai automates your communication with suppliers, saving you time while ensuring adequate supplies.  

Use Purchasing.ai to easily create orders, track purchase history, and share your orders with various suppliers with just a few clicks.  

  • Maintain individual supplier records  

Create individual supplier profiles and add supplier and product details.  

  • Efficient record keeping  

With Purchasing.ai, add thousands of SKUs per supplier by importing from an Excel sheet in minutes.  

  • Easy Ordering & Reviewing  

Create custom product categories for easy ordering and review.  

  • Repeat orders 

View order history to know about past orders and reorder at a glance.  

  • Inventory Management  

Manage your inventory through the one-click dashboard. As a result, you can easily add, modify, deactivate or activate all the products in the inventory list.  

It also has filters to facilitate searching and navigating the inventory list. These filters can be used on the basis of category, vendor, and brand as classifiers with listing options. 

Purchasing.ai app is available on both android and iOS devices and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and bring efficiency to your order management process.