How do you manage multiple vendors and track your purchase orders? 

A retail store has different moving parts including vendor management. Without proper vendor management, any retail store can easily lose track of inventory, purchase orders, and many other things.  

Retailers always stay on the edge to ensure that they are completely stocked and products in demand are ordered on time. Though, a lot of paperwork and creating multiple order slips take away a load of time from retailers’ hands.  

That’s where Purchasing.ai comes to your rescue and provides you with better visibility and control over certain things. The tool lets you easily manage multiple suppliers and vendors through your smartphone. Eliminate the need of sorting through paperwork and bring efficiency and speed to your purchase process with Purchasing.ai. Add as many as vendors by entering their names and contact details and share your purchase orders through an excel sheet.  

Purchasing.ai enables you to create, sort, and place orders by the vendor to simplify your purchasing process. Easily access the information regarding past orders or order history right when you need it.  

Purchasing.ai makes purchase order and vendor management incredibly easy. It is available as an app on both android and iOS devices.  

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