Purchasing.ai ensures that you are sufficiently stocked, and with it you don’t need to manually sift through shelves to ascertain what needs to be ordered which is time consuming to say the least. It also lets you directly place orders to multiple vendors from one place. 

You can easily maintain individual profiles for vendors, add vendor details and corresponding products. You also get to include an unlimited number of vendors, and directly send daily orders to them on Purchasing.ai. Here is how you can place an order: 

Tap the Order by Vendor option at the home screen   

  1. Choose the vendor you want to share an order with   
  2. Select category/s   
  3. Choose subcategory/s   
  4. Tap products you want to purchase   
  5. Tap the Purchase Cart icon at the top   
  6. Adjust the case/unit value if required   
  7. Tap the ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify the product list 

Achieve efficiency  

Use Purchasing.ai to add 1000s of products to each of the vendors by importing from an excel sheet in a few minutes.    

Simplify records  

You get ready access to your record history to know what you’ve ordered, what’s more in demand, and take better procurement decisions.     

Smooth navigation   

Manage inventory on the dashboard with a single click. Add, edit, deactivate, or activate all the products in the inventory list with ease.  

With purchasing.ai  speed up your order purchasing  as well as save time and reduce operational efforts. It is available on both  android  and  iOS. Start your 7-day free trial now.