Easy Management of Your Daily Orders

Use the Purchasing.ai app for your everyday ordering needs 

Ensure that you are sufficiently stocked and do away with manual sifting through shelves and personal communication with vendors, which is time consuming. Use the purchasing.ai app which automates this part of your job and makes your ordering easy. 

Maintain individual profiles for vendors, add the vendor details and corresponding products. Create unlimited number of vendors and send daily orders directly to their email. In this way, manage vendors and products and send orders easily. 

Browse through the product list and add the products to the order list by clicking or tapping on them via web or mobile. Then, send the order through email/text by simply clicking on the send order button against the vendor’s name. 

Automation tools to the rescue 

Incorporating technology and customized automation tools for daily ordering is one way to scale operations and operate more effectively. For instance, for businesses involved in regular buying from their vendors and suppliers, a constant struggle could be meeting the daily demands of their customers, achieve their sales target, strengthening sales and distribution networks, etc.   

Manage daily orders 

With multiple tasks to take care of for small businesses, managing daily purchase orders is the most critical. Managing thousands of products, hundreds of vendors, keeping a track of inventory can turn out to be challenging. Our convenient daily order management tool enables businesses and individuals to streamline their ordering process. With purchasing.ai app, you can quickly create new orders, consolidate orders, share the same with your vendors from anywhere at any time and easily manage the everyday order cycle. 

So, if you are a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, incorporating sophisticated solutions like purchasing.ai allows you to be at par with large enterprises. The app is available both on App Store and Google Play. Download the app now!