Manage unlimited individual vendor profiles, map products to each vendor, and send daily purchase orders to them using The nifty tool simplifies vendor, product, and order management.  

Using the app, you can browse through the product list and add the item to your product list in just a few taps. Tap on the ‘Send Order’ option against the vendor’s name and share your order. enables you to manage thousands of products, hundreds of vendors and helps you track your inventory. The app lets you conveniently streamline your daily ordering process. By using the app, you can easily create orders, add products to your list and share your purchasing orders with your vendors in just a few minutes and few taps. provides you access to previous orders and saves you from placing duplicate orders.  

You can always check your order history, repeat orders, and know which products are more in demand within minutes. The app helps you take better procurement decisions. With access to precise records, helps you plan better.  

The app is available on both major devices. Download the app today on your android or iOS device. Also, comes with a 7-day free trial.  

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