Order by category on Purchasing.ai

Purchasing.ai app allows you to order products in bulk from multiple vendors. You can create purchase orders, track purchase history, and share your orders with different vendors from your smartphone with a few taps.

Don’t let any consumer leave your store empty-handed by ensuring zero stock-outs through Purchasing.ai. Simplify your purchasing process using the ‘Order by Category’ feature-

  1. Choose the category you wish to place order for
  2. Select category/s
  3. Choose subcategory/s
  4. Tap products you want to purchase
  5. Tap ‘Purchase Cart’ icon at top
  6. Adjust the case/unit value if required
  7. Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list

Purchasing.ai saves your time, streamlines your purchase orders, and organizes your everyday purchase cycle.

An efficient alternative to order slips-

Using Purchasing.ai, add thousands of products to each of the vendors by importing from an excel sheet in a few minutes.

Save time and improve efficiency-

View order history to know about past orders and re-order in a jiffy. All data about vendors, products, available supplies, and past orders, is easily available on Purchasing.ai. This will save your time, ensure quick decision-making, and reduce operational efforts.

Purchasing.ai is available on the web and also as an application on both major platforms, i.e.,  Android and iOS. Take the 7-day free trial today.