Traditional methods always have high risk of errors. One of those risks is the chance of miscounts with paper-based ordering slips. With the right inventory management tool retailers’ risk of errors can be reduced. is one such tool that helps you better organize 1000s of SKUs. Moreover, using the app you can create order lists with its in-built bar code scanner.  

Here is how you can manage hundreds of thousands of products on 

  • Choose the category you wish to place the order for  
  • Select category/s  
  • Choose sub category/s   
  • Tap products you want to purchase   
  • Tap ‘Purchase Cart’ icon at top  
  • Adjust the case/unit value, if required   
  • Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list saves your time and helps you organize your everyday purchase cycle. The app lets you manage multiple products from multiple vendors and track inventory in no time.  

You can check your order history to know what you have ordered, which product is high in demand and take better procurement decisions.  

The app lets you add, edit, deactivate, or activate all the products in the inventory list with ease. app is available on both App store and Play store and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and get started with you free trial.