‘This item is currently out of stock’ sign creates disappointment and frustration among customers and leads to missed opportunities, sales, and customer loss for retailers. Retailers always ensure that any customer who walks in their store doesn’t leave empty-handed and hence try to keep themselves completely stocked.  

Gone are the days when retailers had to manually track their inventory levels. With Purchasing.ai keep track of your constantly moving inventory, ensure that the purchasing orders go on time, the demand is fulfilled and no customer leaves because of stock out. Purchasing.ai is a convenient tool that lets you send orders instantly to your suppliers, automates the process, and saves you from out-of-stock scenarios. The tool enables you to send multiple orders to multiple distributors, re-order, and ensure maximum fulfillment.  

Human error: 

Purchasing.ai automates the process of sending daily orders and eliminates the tendency of human errors.  

Saves time: 

Purchasing.ai gives you easy access to all relevant records and ensures quick decision-making. Simply view order history and repeat orders right away. The tool saves you loads of time on your hands.  


Using Purchasing.ai you can create orders, manage vendors and replenish stocks all on a single platform. The tool lets you add, edit, update, delete order lists and share with vendors through email or text. 

Purchasing.ai app is available on both major devices iOS and Android and comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and get started with your free trial.