Automate Order Processing with

Automating daily purchase orders simplifies operational services, ensures you are completely stocked, and speeds up the entire order fulfillment process. Not only that but also reduces the tendency of human error significantly. is an intelligent solution to make purchasing and ordering decisions. The tool in itself is time-saving, money-saving, fast, and efficient that performs well, and is reliable. Moreover, it brings convenience to the palm of your hand. The tool reduces the time spent in manual sifting through shelves and does not require waiting for suppliers to show up physically for taking the orders. lets you better organize thousands of SKUs by giving you the option to classify products into categories and subcategories. Easily send purchase orders to vendors by simply uploading an excel sheet. Moreover, the app enables you to edit, activate, or deactivate products, categories, and vendors at your convenience.   

The nifty tool reduces the burden of manually checking inventory levels in stores, which is not only time-consuming but also increases the risk of errors. enables you to increase the shelf space, order a variety of goods and ensure that they are sold before passing their expiry date!  

Automate your order processing today with and significantly increase order management efficiency and optimize your supply chain. app is available on both major platforms i.e., android and iOS 

Also, the app comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today!