Regardless of the size of your organization, dealing with multiple vendors on a daily basis can be difficult. For example, you may need to order different products at different frequencies, from once a month to multiple times a week. 

Therefore, it is important that retailers leverage technology to automate part of their job so that they can focus on managing their stores better. is one such solution that helps retailers automate their order generation process and makes vendor management easy and efficient. keeps a record of all your vendors and suppliers on a single platform. Simply add vendors by entering their names, email addresses, and contact details. Then, the users can upload an excel file of the vendor’s products list and import all his products. Thus, in a few clicks, the retailers can set up their accounts and add hundreds of vendors and thousands of products. 

The app is simple to use. Here is how you can speed up your purchasing process and manage multiple vendors using  

  1. Tap Order by Vendor option at the home screen  
  2. Choose the vendor you want to share an order with  
  3. Select category/s  
  4. Choose subcategory/s  
  5. Tap products you want to purchase  
  6. Tap Purchase Cart icon at the top  
  7. Adjust the case/unit value if required  
  8. Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list saves your time and streamlines your purchase orders. The tool lets you track past orders and avoid placing duplicate orders.   

The app is available on both Play store and App store and also comes with a 7-day free trial. Download the app today and get started!